There have been three days allocated as championship days, (please refer to the Calendar)

On a championship day points will be awarded in the applicable individual events of beach sprint, flags, swim, wade, board and iron man. If, due to unsuitable or unsafe conditions, any of these above events cannot take place on the particular championship day, the entire competition points for this championship day will be wiped unless an alternative day can be arranged.

Please Note: Championship points for 10-14 yr olds will also be accumulated for competing at Carnivals. As at Championship days, points will be awarded for the top six (6) placings in individual events and two points (2) for each event entered. Points will be only considered for a competitor who participates and completes the event. This is a change to our previous policy to encourage more competitors at all nipper carnivals. Please see your age manager about this change and how the pointscore operates.

The end of season point score will then be calculated on the total of points earned on the combination of points gained on championship days, carnivals and attendance at Club days throughout the season.

In addition, 8 and 9 yr olds will have the opportunity to compete for a Carnival Champion Award. This pointscore will be accumulated separately from the Championship days and is also designed to encourage attendance at Carnivals.

On all other Club days the focus will be on instruction of surf education, the improvement of individual skills and participation in team events.

If a Junior Surf Life Saver cannot attend a Club day due to representing the Club at another Surf Life Saving activity the member will be awarded the appropriate attendance points.

The attached document “Surviving Carnivals’ is a great introduction for first timers.