Training Update for Seniors

Training Update for Seniors

Hi All,

We have quickly arrived at are usual time of the year when we introduce board training to our younger members as well as combining them with our older groups.

A few minor changes to our normal schedule and this will run to the end of August. We are starting u14 and u15 board and also for all other board paddlers . Please note that the session group will be split to allow our younger and not so you members to ease their way back into paddling or for our U14 paddlers to commence structured training. Technique, Waves and skills will be the primary basis of the session for these paddlers . Training will be either in the wave zone or following the bay , no greater the 50 /150m off sure . Other paddlers will be more structured as usual with harder programs.

Our last Friday afternoon ski session for our younger group is this Friday….we will continue our Sunday session for skis for another month…longer if requested
Starting this Sunday ski for 15 16/17s on water 8.30am to 9.15am followed by board (for everyone) 9.15am to

Weekly sessions for a month or so are for board and ski :
Monday.. 4.30pm to 5.15pm Board…u14 and older…gym at 5.15 pm
Tuesday.. 6am to 6.55am ski….u 16 and older group session
Thursday… 6am to 6.55am ski…u16 and older
Thursday… 4.30pm iron/ cross training u /15 and older
Friday… 4.30pm to 5.15pm board

Sat… 6.30am to 8am ski u16 and older