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Online https://members.sls.com.au/SLSA_Online/modules/awards/elearning.php

The SLSA Gold Medallion provides members with a benchmark of fitness and endurance that meets the minimum requirements for work with the Australian Lifeguard Service in NSW.

This benchmark includes:

1. Swim 800 m in under 14 minutes in an open-water course not more than 400 m in length or a swimming pool of no less than 25 m in length, unaided and in freestyle.
2. Complete a mission test of a 400 m swim, 800 m run, 400 m board paddle, and 800 m run in under 25 minutes.
3. Complete a tube rescue of an unconscious patient 100 m out at sea
4. Complete a board rescue of a novice swimmer 200 m out at sea.
5. Perform a complex patient rescue, including selecting equipment, returning the victim to shore and treating the victim appropriately, and completing post-operational requirements.



Upon successful completion, members receive the SLSA Gold Medallion. Proficiency in this award is renewed each year through SLS Skills Maintenance.



  • Financial Member
  • Minimum Age of 17 years
  • Proficient SLSA Bronze Medallion
  • Proficient SLS First Aid award
  • Proficient Advanced Resuscitation Techniques certificate
  • Proficient Silver Medallion Beach Management or Silver Medallion Patrol Captain (v2022)



A minimum of 1 full day* to complete the fitness benchmarks.

*Additional training sessions may be required to reach the required competency levels before assessment. RPL and credit transfer options are available. Refer to the SLSNSW Participant Handbook and your SLSC Chief Training Officer for more information.

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