Nipper Board Training

Nipper Board Training

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Nipper Boards

Who can use them?

BBSLSC Nipper Boards are available for use during nippers for age groups U9 and older.  On occasion, the U7 and U8 groups may have access to foam boards if deemed appropriate during Nipper Days and the Age Managers may ask you to bring along your own boogie board.

U7s – BYO Boogie Board

U8s – BYO Boogie Board

U9s – Foam board (BYO or BBSLSC)

U10s – Foam board (BYO or BBSLSC)

U11s* – Fibreglass (BYO or BBSLSC)

U12s* – Fibreglass (BYO or BBSLSC)

U13s* – Fibreglass (BYO or BBSLSC)

U14s* – Long Fibreglass (BYO or BBSLSC)


* Board first-timers to use foam boards until cleared by Age Manager to use fibreglass


When can they be used?

Between 9.00am and 11.00am on Nipper Days, boards (boogie, foam and fibreglass) may be used with the permission, and under the supervision of an Age Manager and Water Safety Officer/s.  No BBSLSC boards are able to be used before or after Nippers due to current COVID-Safe measures and beach conditions. Boards may be used for training at specified times below. 


Board Training

The BBSLSC offers free regular Board Training sessions for registered BBSLSC Nippers.  These sessions are dependent on the availability of coaches and Water Safety Officers as well as beach conditions.  To register your interest in Board Training, please speak with your Age Manager.  Dates and times for Board Training are detailed below;

All members U9 and over – ***

  • Tuesday 7am – 8am 
  • Wednesday 4.30 – 5.30
  • Thursday 4.30 – 5.30
  • Saturday 8.00 – 9.00 (iron training an option)

Board Care

All parents/carers are responsible for ensuring their Nippers take very good care of BBSLSC boards.  Nipper boards are expensive to purchase and repair.  BBSLSC depend on support from sponsors to purchase the boards.

Nipper Board Basic Care;

  • Boards must be carried, not dragged
  • Boards must not be stood on or sat on whilst out of the water
  • Nippers must not kneel or stand on boards in the water – ride on tummies only
  • All boards must be washed before being returned to the storage shed
  • Damaged boards must not be used – check handles, fin and board before use
  • All damage must be reported to your Age Manager, Water Safety Officer or Coach


***There may be exceptions to the above at the discretion of board coach, age manager and committee

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