Worlds 2012 South Australia

At the Byron Bay Surf Club we have a strong membership in the Seniors section made up of men and women who have a love of our beautiful beaches and supporting the community by participating in activities that keep themselves fit and active in a friendly environment. Many former members have gone on to Olympic glory.

The Byron bay Surf Club offers a range of membership options, the primary focus being the provision of proficient lifesavers to protect our most valuable asset, our beaches and those people who use them. Members can also join to complete Surf Training such as the Bronze Medallion, which is required for those wishing to do patrols.
Any persons who wish to compete for for the Club must undertake a minimum of 25 Patrol hours in a calendar year. The competitive side of the Club was opened up to women in 1983 and today we have a strong group of women competing within the Surf Life Saving arena.

Associate Membership is also available, with the Club always looking for community minded people to give something back to an organisation that supports a wonderful Byron Bay asset.