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Rosters (Fund Raising)

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Click on the link to see when you are rostered on for the Seafood Raffle.

Seafood Roster 2019/2020

The Seafood Raffle .. this is a small task we ask of all the junior members and parents to do over the year. Basically, Bay Seafood donate a seafood raffle every week. Each team only has 4 Fridays between now and February.

The team on duty collect the tray from Bay Seafood in Lawson Street before 6pm on the Friday.  Please remember to say thanks to Bay Seafood.

The team put on patrol shirts and get the raffle tickets and bucket from the table near the gym entry upstairs in the club. Proceed to the Beach Hotel about 6pm and see security.

Go  around the entire hotel selling tickets $1 each or 3 for $5 etc a few times.  You are politely asking patrons of the Beach Hotel to support the Byron Bay Surf Club.

After you have sold as many tickets as possible proceed to the fish tank bar. The bar staff will then let you go into the room behind the fireplace and sort the tickets.  There is also a small chalkboard in there with chalk.

Please make sure a member of staff or public make the draw from the bucket. Write the winning ticket on the chalkboard and do the rounds by holding up the chalkboard to find the winner.  It is important that you still walk all the way around to let those who don’t win of the winning ticket number so that everyone is aware of the winner.

If you are unable to locate the winner please redraw; re-write the number on the chalkboard and do the rounds again.

Return all money back to the club the same night. Please place in bag provided in bucket and put into the hole above the mirror in Gym.

This process only takes an hour.  All the money is used to support the  u15, u17, and u19 over the season.  If you are unable to do your night, please try and swap with another family or entire team.  If a swap cannot be found, please call Bay Seafood on 66855660 to cancel in the afternoon to prevent them making the tray unnecessarily.

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